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Optimization of Internal Supply Chains for Multinational Companies

We offer a service on optimization of internal supply chains that finds additional revenue for multinational corporations. We achieve that by applying mathematical models and high performing clusters. We optimize supply chains by simultaneously varying both components – flow of goods and transfer prices. Our mathematical model is quite flexible and allows for single, dual, and triple phase manufacturing processes with arbitrary number of distribution levels. Mathematical model can be static or dynamic. Dynamic model supports varying speeds of delivery, warehouse capacity, fluctuating price forecasting on futures market, as well as fluctuating demand within different zones.

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Integration of Master Data Management system of Assets

We offer a service on identifying and capturing all possible representations of assets of the entire enterprise and combining them into single unified model. The system allows for capturing and maintaining various and sometimes even contradicting representations of the same asset. Based on unified model, the system is then able to generate any number of required representations for business applications. The unified model of assets is implemented as part of specialized system of Master Data Management of Assets and sits on top of SAP MDG.

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