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Optimizer of Internal Supply Chains for Multinational Companies

By utilizing special numeric algorithms, this product allows optimizing transfer prices and flow of goods for multinational corporations. In existing products, optimization is performed by one of two parameters: either by logistical parameters such as costs, volume of transferred goods, the length of the route, etc., or by financial parameters, such as taxes, transfer Prices. A two step sequential optimization by both parameters yields a result that is still not up to par to the one obtained when optimization is carried out simultaneously.

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Optimizer of Budget Allocation towards Asset Development and Maintenance

By utilizing new mathematical mechanisms, this product allows optimizing budget allocation for asset development, reconstruction, and/or maintenance. In current products, tools for finding and allocating maintenance budget do not exist.

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Imitational model of assets

The system can be used within various optimization tasks on asset management, but can also work independently for such tasks as, for instance, projects of quality assessment or strategic development of the enterprise assets. Within our product, this system is used to forecast the state of assets under various options of resource allocation.

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System of Asset Master Data Management

The system is intended for maintaining a single model of the assets and generating the necessary master data sets of the assets for various subsystems within enterprise management system. In our product, this system is used for supplying data for imitational model of assets. Currently, Systems of Master Data Management of Assets are not as popular as Systems of Master Data Management of Clients, Suppliers, Products, Employees, or other business objects. It is caused by the complexity of building a single model with existing tools that combines different representations of assets.

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