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According to Gartner, global market for SCM in 2011 was estimated at $7.7B and has increased by 12.3% since 2010. Gartner forecasts market growth of (CAGR) 8.7% for the next 10 years.

The volume of world trade, which was $18 trillion in 2011, represented 25% of world’s GDP, which according to IMF equaled $74 trillion in 2011. So it could be deducted that SCM sales numbers represent at least 25% of total trade for multinational companies. In reality, this share could be significantly higher since the majority of small manufacturers, whose trade volume is included in world’s GDP, do not use SCM.

The rates reflecting the increase in world trade are significantly higher than those reflecting the growth in world’s GDP. This signifies the ever-expanding globalization of the world market. Therefore, the number of companies utilizing the SCM and with international distribution chains will constantly grow.