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In 2012, Gartner issued an independent analytical overview of existing MDM systems of different types. According to Gartner, the majority of large companies are implementing or using two or more MDM systems to support their enterprise MDM strategies. These systems, classified for different types, are used in separate domains. The following are the reasons behind the need for simultaneous utilization of several MDM systems of various types:

  • Diverse requirements to master data in various domains;
  • MDM systems that are called multi domain, are not truly multi domain systems- they lack the required functional capabilities and their developers don’t practice master data support in each of the domains.

As a reason, there is a need for one product that can combine master data that is stored across two or more MDM systems on the enterprise level.

The main players of the MDM systems market today are IBM, Oracle, and SAP that together have approximately 50% from total amount of sales.

In Gartner reviews, MDM of Assets is considered as part of MDM of Products. However, the detailed analysis of products shows that by MDM of Assets is meant trivial tasks of recording amortization parameters and recordkeeping of digital assets (schemas, drawings, images). Functionality required for master data management of assets in cases when assets are numbered in millions is not provided. Functionality that is missing:

  • Support for various representations of the same asset set that differs in recordkeeping principles, structure, and content;
  • Verification of integrity of links between the same objects in various representations;
  • Use of structural and functional models for verification of correctness of assets master data.

According to Gartner, global MDM market was estimated at $1.5billion in 2011, which represented 15% growth as compared to 2010. This growth is greater than the growth of the entire software market by 9.75% for that year. Gartner forecasts MDM market growth with the average speed of 25% per year for the period 2010-2015. Thus, total market size in 2015 will be $3.1billion.

Entire MDM market consists of:

  • MDM of Clients Data market estimated at $503million in 2011, which represented 14% growth as compared to 2010;
  • MDM of Products Data market estimated at $455million in 2011, which represented 8% growth as compared to 2010.

All other segments of MDM market, apart from MDM of Clients and MDM of Products, are classified as “Other”. From the numbers above, this segment has grown 23% since 2010 and represents $542 million as of 2011. This growth is 8% higher than the growth of entire MDM market. New segments are growing much faster. In some cases, new segments in the market are growing at 50% and higher.