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The problem solved by a product is relevant to the most industrial companies that run subsidiary business units and competing for the customers on global level. Most of the large business companies as well as the higher echelons of middle business companies fit these criteria.

In global market, the majority of large corporations are multinational and will therefore be interested in our products. As our potential clients we can name the following companies from various industries: BP, EADS, ArcelorMittal, Nestle, AT&T, Toyota Motor, Intel, Pfizer. There are also plenty of mid-size businesses that operate multinationally. Such companies can afford SAP Business Suite and SAP All-In-One solutions and therefore could be our potential clients. Among such companies - Burberry, Bionorica, Kronotex.

The majority of multinational companies (10,000+ companies) will find the Optimization of Supply Chain product very attractive.

The product will especially be in high demand by the companies that have already integrated SAP APO into their infrastructure. According to SAP, 2,000+ clients actively use SAP APO.