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Potential customers of this product are companies that have a large number of production assets (hundreds of thousands and more). The demand is even more acute when assets are incorporated in various production-technological chains and when breakage of one asset affects others. Such companies are:

  • Oil and gas companies;
  • Telecommunication companies;
  • Mining and smelting enterprises (as ferrous metallurgy as non-ferrous);
  • Power engineering companies (as from generation as from power transmission and distribution);
  • Chemistry and petro chemistry enterprises;
  • Machine building enterprises;
  • Defense and aircraft industry enterprises;
  • Enterprises of electronics industry and other high technology sectors;
  • Retail chains;
  • Hotel chains;
  • Hospital chains;
  • Large companies of building material industry;
  • Large enterprises produced consumer goods: household appliances, furniture, apparel, household and grooming goods, foods, drinks and pharmaceutical products;
  • Large transportation enterprises (railway companies, pipeline companies, airline companies, airport management companies, sea transport companies, seaport management companies, etc.);
  • Insurance companies, ensured large number of assets;
  • Banks and financial groups, having large number of pledged assets.

Also product will be in demand by state and municipal institutions with a large number of assets.

The industries listed above, in which most of the interested clients operate, closely resemble the ones for optimal asset management. However, the Asset Master Data Management System will be in demand not only when integrating the Module of Optimal Budget Allocation on Asset Maintenance and Support, but also in many other simpler cases. For example, if at any enterprise, which deals with high risks such as nuclear electro station or chemical plant, there is an ongoing integration of several subsystems of enterprise management that have different independent representations of assets:

  • System of technological control,
  • System of equipment diagnostics,
  • EAM system (management of support and maintenance services),
  • Security system,
  • System of property management,
  • Asset accounting system.

In this situation all set of mentioned applications will not function efficiently without the System of Asset Master Data.